Bayleaf's Kennel

is situated in one of the lake Mälaren's islands, Ekerö, just on Stockholm's doorstep. Ekerö is regarded as Stockholm´s most “green” community. We always kept dogs in the family. I shared cradle with our Great Dane. 

My gorgeous Casares Tosca left me in May 2006, 15 years of age. Tosca was shown a couple of times and was Second Best Bitch at the Stockholm Kennel Club Int. Show. In her younger days she was a keen helper in the country pulling carriages, searching chanterelles etc. My first Dalmatian was a lovely liverspotted bitch, Dallas Kiwa, born in 1966. She produced one litter. 

In the 60th, visiting Ann-Marie Hammarlund's famous Dalmatian Kennel Dallas, I for the first time caught sight of her to Sweden newly introduced Norfolk Terriers from the historic English Dalmatian/Norfolk Colonsay kennel. They were robust little fellows, practical in size with short, harsh, wiry, straight coats needing hardly any trimming at all (show preparation is something else), dark, intelligent and sparkling eyes. They seemed to enjoy life in an uncomplicated way, good tempered and game. It was love at first sight. A wonderful bitch from the 60th is Ch Colonsay Banston Belinda.

Ch Colonsay Banston Belinda

Kennel Dallas did not breed Norfolks any more but in 1972, Ch Ickworth Jingle and Ch Ravenswing Flush Royal in Ylva Braunerhjelm´s Kennel Sandemar produced a very nice litter and one of the bitch puppies “Little Flame” was my first Norfolk. She easily gained her titles and became Int & Scand Ch Sandemars Wee Flame.

Visiting England and Marjorie and Lesley Bunting´s famous Kennel Ragus in 1975, I was very happy to bring home a brilliant dog, Eng, (future) Int & Scand Ch Ragus Buttermilk. Mated to Flame she gave birth to Int & Scand Ch Bayleaf’s Rough’n Ready (Raffen). It’s of no significance for the breed how many pups a dog produces unless they are used for breeding. Not very many of  “Raffen´s” offspring were used as breeding stock but they were typical and sound. Some of them, and also “Raffen” himself, can still be found in the pedigrees of today. In 1979, Maud Hjelm, Kennel Björshult, and I imported Eng Ch Ragus Brigadoon, a great Norfolk and stud dog.

The following years I bred about 10 Norfolk litters. Some dogs were shown and some gained their titles.

The summer 2006 the kennel had for the first time ever no dog inhabitant at all. A Dalmatian pup had since long been waited for and charming Flossans Good Old Days (Goody) arrived in September. In July I visited the famous German Norfolk terrier kennel Allright and was fortunate to be able to buy the delightful soon 2 year old bitch Allright Daydream. In March 2007 she gave birth to 2 lovely male puppies and the following year in May: Bayleaf's Dreamgirl and Dreamguy, both kept in the kennel.

The Norfolk Terrier began life in 1932 when, as the drop-eared Norwich Terrier, it was accepted on the British Kennel Club register. In 2004 it was 40 years ago since the drop-eared Norfolk Terriers were separated from the prick-eared Norwich Terriers and became a breed of their own. My wish is to breed typical Norfolk Terriers with the required short, harsh, wiry coat and robust constitution to perform a good day’s work killing vermin but also fit for the showring. They should follow the breed standard and remain a low, keen dog with a hardy constitution. One of the smallest of Terriers, alert and fearless, of a lovable disposition and not quarrelsome.


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