A visit to the world famous German Norfolk terrier kennel Allright

In the summer 2006 I visited a very interesting German Norfolk terrier kennel, the world famous Kennel Allright. I could breed more frequently than before and was looking for a good brood bitch from suitable lines. As early as in the 1970th I had a letter from Frauke Hinsch in Germany who wished Swedish Norfolk terrier contacts. At that time I had few litters as I was busy working so I passed her letter on to other breeders. Frauke recently had imported her very first Norfolk from England which happened to be "Gipsy", Ickworth Penny Ha' Penny, born in 1974, a granddaughter of my Ch Ragus Buttermilk. There is a small world.

Arriving by plane in Hannover Frauke was so kind as to pick me up in her van. She was easily recognized bringing some Norfolks to the airport. Kennel Allright is a traditional mansion situated in Niedersachsen, stables now partly rebuilt to suit the kennel inhabitants. Frauke also kept two Andalucian horses, my favourite breed. Frau Ursula had prepared a nice meal and I brought my luggage to the guestroom upstairs in her beautiful house next to the Kennel. A very nice lady with life experience and valuable viewpoints.  

The kennelbuilding

The livingroom with view into the kitchen

The tile stove

Part of the garden

Guess what kept me busy the rest of the day? The quality of the dogs even exceeded my expectations. I would gladly have brought home a dozen, having had the possibilities to keep them. And what a joy to meet Daisy (Allright Daydream)!!! I liked her a lot from the beginning. The dogs were all very well taken care of, teeth clean, nails short and coats groomed but not all, of course, in show condition. I had brought pen and paper in order to write down the names of the dogs on the pictures but handling the camera and looking at the dogs did not permit that.  

The kennel

The kennel indoors

Allright Daydream (DAISY)

The following day also was a sheer pleasure continuing the kennel “sightseeing”. Frauke has people helping her with the daily routines and in the afternoon Frauke brought Andrea and me in the van for sightseeing in Bremen, an ancient, very attractive town. The Town Hall was erected in 1405! And the bronze sculpture Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten (Town Musicians) which portrays the donkey, dog, cat, and cock of the Grimm Brothers´ fairy tale was great to look at. Surprisingly my talking and understanding German went well and on my way home the following day I missed it. Germany is a very cultural country. It is the country of poets and philosophers. The words of great authors like Goethe and Schiller still touch the heart and the spirit of the people. This counts also for the fairy tales of the Grimm Brothers. German classical music has a legacy that is second to none: Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach, Robert Schumann, Felix Mendelssohn, Johannes Brahms and Richard Wagner are just a handful of the many great German composers whose music is performed throughout the world. Life would be very empty without them.  


Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten, Andrea und Frauke

This trip was very rewarding and it was a great pleasure to meet and talk to Frauke. She is a very competent, devoted and helpful person who gives support whenever you need it though she is a very busy and hard working person. I remember calling her very late one night asking her about Daisy´s whelping and she was only glad to help. Frauke is not only a breeder but also a veterinary surgeon and a judge of Norfolk terriers. Shortly before my visit she was in the USA judging.


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